Supplemental Educational Programs

In order for our village children to reach their full potential, we enrich their basic education with additional programs.


Starting early, children age 3-5 years, can attend our preschool where they gain valuable social skills, experience group activities such as stories, singing, music and exercise and learn through play and creativity in activity centers. For the first time in their lives they are exposed to puzzles, books and toys as well as regular tooth-brushing and hand-washing. While they are getting ready for a successful entrance to primary school they give opportunity to their older siblings to regularly attend school instead of taking care of their younger siblings at home. Currently we run two preschool programs at Ta Pang and Kiriminoen School. We train teachers in 11 Community preschool programs in Angkor Thom District and supply equipment and breakfast snack to students.

Sports Program

A Healthy Mind benefits from regular body exercise and discipline. Our Sports Program teaches students sport skills and cooperative games, how to warm up and cool down as well as the discipline of working together as a team. Our two Sports Coach instruct students of all ages, boys as well as girls in soccer, volleyball, and athletics.


We encourage the brightest and most dedicated students to attend high school by providing scholarships and support for their families. We provide funds for their school supplies, monthly tuition fees, clothing and bicycles plus extra rice to feed their families.

Many of our high school graduates have been inspired to continue their studies at University in Siem Reap & Phnom Penh. Most have partial and full government scholarships, but need living expenses sponsored.

Support a scholarship - Annual Cost $500 for High School and $600 for University.


Instilling the love of reading is provided by our librarian and an inviting, well stocked library with over 1,000 books in English. Hundreds of children pay daily visits to the library not only to read, but play board games and participate in arts and crafts activities. Our second library was innovatively designed and built by IX Architects Pte Ltd from Singapore. These are 3 cubes on wheels, that open up to provide and inviting reading environment.

Preschool Fee - Early Education
Cost: $25 a month opens a child's mind and allows their siblings to attend school. Provides School Uniforms, Toys and Morning Snacks.
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