CCDO Scholarship Students 2020

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The One Year Cost is $500 and provides books, clothes, rice for family and monthly tuition fees for extra classes in Grades 10-12.

Bunna Norm

He is 17 years old with a younger brother and both parents who are farmers.

He is constantly first in his class and loves history and physics. His favorite place is the library where he reads and draws. He wants to be a teacher to help his community.

Bunna has been sponsored.

Men Mab

He is 14 years old with 4 sisters. Education is important to the family and two of his sisters are in our scholarship program. He is always at school, in the library, rather than on the playground. He loves to cook and helps his father prepare meals for the family. He would like to be a tour guide to help people understand the history and culture of Cambodia.

Men has been sponsored.

Sophea Pov

She is 15 years old and lives with her parents and her 10 year old brother. Her favorite subjects are History and English. She loves to read and listen to music. She likes basketball and soccer. She helps her mother around the house. She would like to be a teacher.

Sophea has been sponsored.

Oeung Sao

She is 15 years old and lives with her parents and 3 sisters. Both her parents are farmers. Oeung has 10 pen-friends. Reading and shopping are her fun activities. Her dream job is to teach children in her village.

Oeung has been sponsored.

Srey Ny Sun

This 14 year old girl has a passion for numbers and music. She loves to go to the cinema with her friends and to read in the library. She wants to be a doctor so she can make people feel better when they are sick. She is determined to succeed.

Srey has been sponsored.

Reak Smey Pork

This spunky 14 year old kid is determined to be the first in his family to go to high school and on to university. He loves all sports, especially soccer and volleyball. He has a younger brother and sister who study at Tapang School He has 41 friends and has a dream to be a doctor to help cure people.

Reak has been sponsored.

Rey Rattana

This delightful 14 year old girl has a bright smile and wants a bright future. She lives with her parents who are farmers and has 4 siblings. She is very artistic and spends time in the library reading and drawing. She would like to be a teacher to inspire others.

Rey has been sponsored.