Social Enterprise

CCDO has initiated a number of successful small scale projects within the Social Enterprise program to give villagers an opportunity to build new income generation skills and help support their families.


To date we support 2 projects: Agroforestry and Soap Selling.

The participants in all projects give back to our organization and community in small ways.


Smallholder farmers in rural Angkor Thom District are vulnerable to crop losses from heat, insects and increasing debt. CCDO is addressing these problems by supporting farmers who want to adopt resilient agroforestry practices that will provide them with new sources of income. Along with access to niche markets and technical advising, CCDO will provide the community with seedlings & saplings in the first year of the program.

Soap Selling

This project was started with cooperation from Eco-Soap Bank, where recycled hotel soap is distributed to a number of women sellers in different villages. Whilst they selling the soaps for a small profit, they also advocating better hygiene in their own communities.

The Social Enterprise Program is coordinated and supported by CCDO SEP Coordinator.