Anti Child Trafficking

Anti Child Trafficking Comic

Partnering with Cause Vision, a USA non-profit organization, we designed and printed a comic book, Phea's Dream, to help prevent Human trafficking be it child and / or sex trafficking. Human trafficking is modern day slavery. It is one of the most lucrative crimes around the world along with arms and drug trafficking. More than 600,000 people every year are trafficked worldwide to enslavement in factories, brothels, as house maids or even as child brides.

Cause Vision is creating comic books to warn target populations about the dangers and deceptive practices of human traffickers. Their common tactic is to deliberately target impoverished and indebted families with promises of good city employment for their children. Children are trafficked for sexual exploitation and forced labor in organized begging rings, soliciting, street vending, and flower selling. As many as 1/3 of trafficking victims in prostitution are children. After the initial payment many families never see their children again. If the girls do manage to return to the village nobody wants to discuss the true nature of their "work" due to family shame.

The simple Manga style comics are the most effective educational tool especially in communities with no electricity and with low literacy rate. A picture is worth a thousand words! We have distributed 12,000 comic books.

Our goal is to continue to distribute booklets through our school programs and community workshops to bring a heightened awareness of this problem. The production cost is only $1 per booklet to save a child.

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