In the USA we need people to help with our fundraisers and awareness.

In Cambodia, we welcome individual volunteers on a long term basis. A variety of volunteer positions are available lasting a minimum of 3 months to a year. We welcome passionate, dedicated college students and professionals who can contribute their time and knowledge in all areas of our programming. We employ Cambodian teachers for our English program and are not seeking foreign English teachers unless they can offer teacher development and curriculum training.

Our schools are in the rural villages surrounding Siem Reap without public transportation access and CCDO provides transportation in our tuk tuk.

Please ask us if you plan to bring educational supplies or donations from your home country. Some of the school items are available in town while others can only come from abroad. It makes no sense for you to purchase and transport those items that can be purchased locally. We will give you a list of suggested donations.

We have specific visitors tours that allow you to experience a day in the life of our CCDO programs.

Contact us at: usa@theccdo.org to discuss your plans and ideas